The Place

Work with nature, not against, has always been my gut reaction and I guess a motto of sorts.  I am an avid fan of natural rhythms of farming and ranching.

The place I call home is Dog Tale Ranch and the operation of this place is the combined effort of me (Arlette) and Allen.  We are located in Saskatchewan, Canada.  A northern climate with four distinct seasons and annual precipitation of 12 - 15 inches of moisture.  The terrain is a mixture of rolling prairie hills, bush and plenty of pothole wetlands.

We hold to a common goal of refashioning ranch life while maintaining a deeply rooted respect for animals and the land.  We raise a flock of wool sheep in a natural manner through grass based production.  We started out by purchasing a crop farm and keeping cattle on the side.  When that proved to be fruitless (emotionally and financially) we made the leap to sheep and grass.  With the sheep and a few head of cattle on and off, we have converted worn out cropland into a wondrous parcel of grassland heaven.

We have journeyed from high debt/high stress to financial freedom and simplicity by keeping things simple enough for one person to operate.  The overheads are low and the flock is easy care enough that the direct costs are minimal.

The material on this blog is my personal reflection of this land we call home and a life with sheep and dogs.  You can also follow me on Facebook and you may contact me at dogtaleranch AT your link DOT ca