Mornings Art Progress

The sun is setting sooner now but I am still on summer schedule and at supper time I feel like the evening is still young. Some days I barely manage to do the flock check before full dark. 

On the plus side, since there is more morning and evening clothed in darkness I can use the time for artwork and such. A big reason I love this time of year.  

This is a recent piece on the art table. I’m just getting into this piece and still have a ways to go. 

It took me a few tries at drawing it out on paper before getting to the point of felting it but I’m excited about how it’s looking thus far. It’s being needle felted onto a wool canvas which I made by wet felting. (Okay, a small and shameless plug coming up - to follow my artwork on a more frequent basis than I post about it on this blog, you can check out the Facebook page: Arlette’s Felting and Photo )

In line with all things creative, I'm off to a photography field day workshop tomorrow. One day out of sight and sound of the ranch before winter sets me in place. Looking forward to it. To leave off tonight here’s a photo of one of those Kelpie creams.


  1. Just yesterday, for some reason I got thinking about the honey-colored pups, and I was wondering if you have seen them lately!!! That one has the most beautiful eyes!

    1. I get to see this one every day :) She is here to stay.


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