Fall Restore

Our summer season was very dry and prior to selling lambs I was kept busy with shepherding the flock on un-fenced land adjacent to grid roads and crop fields in order to keep prime grasses in front of the lambs. The ewes even grazed at our yard on occasion. 

The kelpies earned a years worth of keep, at least, for all the work they did moving sheep during this time. 

With market lambs sold we now roll into a maintenance mode and the ewes are parked on the south pasture. The grass situation is far less than ideal and we have very little in the way of winter feed as there was such little hay production. Our saving grace will be the pieces of native prairie we have. 

Nonetheless, this is the time of year when the ewes look their best and my appreciation and feel for them shifts yet again. I restfully watch them, letting the pile of over-worked worries and un-done tasks begin to slide away and park itself for another year. 


  1. So good to hear from you again. You have had a very busy time, with lambs, sheep, dogs and a new house. We have traveled for over a month, and I am glad I have not missed anything from you.

  2. Your sheep and dogs look great!
    If you want, you can see my puppy, Ian, who is now 16 weeks old, on my friend's blog at http://thedancingdonkey.blogspot.com/
    As you can see, he has tongue issues! I think it might stay in when he gets his real teeth! He is already showing signs of being a super stock dog!


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