A Pattern We Can Live With

There is a flaw with my plan to let the frequency of writing blog posts settle out where it will. 

Losing track of how many days have gone by since the last post. 

This is also a side affect of ranch life and the lack of a schedule marked by days of the week. It doesn’t matter if it’s Tuesday or Saturday (or even if I know that), chores are done every day without any differences to mark what day it is. The dogs, sheep, cows and horses give no clue as to what day of the week it is either; they do not care so much about the linear fashion of time we have become fixated with. 

It is commonplace for me to pass through several days without external life intervening. No appointments, no dates, no other place to be, not even any phone calls or texts. When external life does show up, it’s like a re-entry into a time zone and pace of life I’m becoming less and less familiar with. Mentally I must switch gears in order to adjust. 

But still, each day presents an open slate and every day gets filled to the brim, just like the days of people who live completely opposite lives to this one. In this way we are all the same regardless of where we live and what we do, and unless we swap out used habits for more desirable ones our lives are a pattern we become accustomed to.

Best to make sure it's a pattern we can live with. 


  1. But yours is the best of lives. Living off the land, you have time and space to enjoy all the little things, the unhurried things. like bird song, a quiet winter night, a life that watches the seasons come and go through the eyes of nature's calendar.... a great life for an artist.


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