Lambing Ends (I Think)

Lambing for 2018 is near completion. Just the odd ewe or two surprising me with lambs each day. It takes a bit of time to find the newborns at this stage of lambing just by way of the number of lambs on the ground.  

There is an odd sensation at the end of lambing, when the occurrence is still recent enough to realize what one has come through, the gains and losses still fresh on the mind. I look around and see all the life that is skittering to and fro, sleepy lambs rising and calling for the ewe, and ewes calling for lambs gone running, and remind myself to reach for the gratitude of that.  

The highest potential of the flock is right about now, right about here. There is such an abundance of life and even though a number of these lambs and ewes will not live to the end of the year, no one knows it or spends time pondering it.  So it goes that every day all of mothers natures life moves in the direction of its potential, without doubt, without questioning what if’s, and really could there be a more simplified mantra for living? To move in the direction of one’s potential. 

You may recall at breeding time I placed Jethro (Corriedale ram) with a select group of ewes. I’m enjoying seeing those lambs now, their little white faces, with black pigment, a striking contrast to the black faced, brown bodied Clun crosses. I’ll retain the purebred lambs from the Corriedale ewes and grow a little flock of purebreds from there. I’m already looking forward to the fleece they will produce. 

I am keeping up with doing felting on a regular basis and a bit of drawing too.  There is a first time fibre festival happening at the end of this month which I’ve decided to take part in and later in the summer some of my work will go on display at the local art gallery. Both these events keep me aware’s of having new work done as there isn’t much time in between events to make it so it best be done now. Just as soon as Allen is finished with a custom seeding job we’ll be jumping back into house building. One thing that keeps me encouraged through the immense amount of work of building a home is imagining where and what I’ll hang for photos and artwork. 


  1. Lovely post. "To move in the direction of one's potential"....and not think about death or illness, or what may come, but only keep moving a very positive way to look at life. Also, I hope you have fun at the fiber festival, mingling with others who love doing what you do. PS The lamb pictures are so sweet.


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