Consolation Prize

I got a small group of those wether sheep back. 

I arrived on pasture in the morning to discover a small group of them were standing outside the fence near the gate leading to paddock they belonged in. Their three remaining flock mates just up the hill on the inside. 

The risk of trying to get the outsiders in was losing the three that I currently had. I took that risk. I opened the gate, slipped through and gingerly herded the lot in, step by step, nearly holding my breath the whole time. I grinned like a fool at the success of it. I now have nine dogging sheep back where they belong. The others will remain with the flock until the next necessary sort which won’t be until the fall.  

A second consolation prize, we are nearing the end of lambing. Didn’t that go by fast? It seemed very fast to me. May was full of beautiful evenings on pasture immersed in the sights and sounds of flock that is lambing. Ugly weather is upon us at the moment so it’s a double consolation prize to know there won’t be dozens of new lambs making their first foray into life in a cold rainstorm.