Words and Wool

I think if we were not building a house the weeks may not fly by so quickly. Or maybe it’s just that the days are all so similar they hardly feel separate at all. Yes, that’s it. Sheep, dogs, house, artwork, repeat … throw in a little fencing for a change up. 

We vaccinated the ewe flock this week which went quite smoothly. The kelpies have been thrown into flock work but I haven’t made any attempts at training time with them. It hardly makes a difference to them so long as they get out to work. I, on the other hand, expect the work I know they’re capable of but have to remember we are not going to be so polished at it after such a long winter and no refresher. 

There was little snow melt this year and there is a lack of rain in this late spring, and hence there is a lack of grass. The trees are not even leafing out yet. We are a week from lambing and the ewes can barely get a days eating on grass alone so we’re still feeding a little bit of hay. We’re sacrificing a pasture by letting them graze across it so early but once lambing time arrives they'll be moved and will not return to that spot for several weeks. It’s a risk, especially with no rain in sight. We need rain soon which is a dicey thing to wish for heading into lambing. 

I’m squeezing in felting and writing time wherever I’m able to and as I work with wool and words the concerns over things I cannot control dissipate and my land and livestock perspective lines up once again.