Shearing Aftermath

Shearing felt like a huge event this year but I don't know why that is. The days since have been a mixture of fussing over naked sheep in cool weather, tidying up in the shed, feeding sheep and felting with wool. Oh, and awaiting Spring. 

In a typical year the ewes would be nibbling last years buried native prairie grass and we’d have cut the hay feed in half at least. This year it is still full on hay feeding, especially since the ewes are shorn and the weather is cool. The hay feeding is further complicated by the fact that our tractor broke a spindle on shearing day and is currently useless. We have adjusted by returning to bale grazing which was something we used to do years ago before we even had a tractor.  

Tomorrow we can deliver our wool to the collection depot, minus the fleeces that went home with people at shearing day and the ones I kept. I’m feeling eager about this years wool because that rug I have planned for the new house requires a good deal more wool than I currently have in my workspace. I’m planning on using the three fleeces kept from the Corriedale ewes. This flock to felt project will be underway soon.


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