LGD Explosive Encounter

My meeting with the Sarplaninac LGD was indeed unexpected. I was down on one knee, taking photos of a guardian dog off in the distance. Then I turned my body, just panning with the camera in front of my face to see what else I might see. Unknown to me, this huge grey dog had moved up behind me and when this strange person and a big black, eyeless shape turned to face her she erupted in a volley of deep, dark, serious barks with a hint of panic in there. While neither of us intended to, me and the camera scared the heck out of her and in turn she scared the heck out of me. 

I turned my back to her again, not sure if that was a smart move or a really dumb one because of her level of intensity. She seemed to settle though. It took several minutes for each of us to settle that first burst of adrenaline and she watched my every move for several more minutes. If I raised my camera she would go on full alert again. 

I think my finger pushed the camera shutter button by startled reflex the moment of our explosive meeting. There is this one photo of her vocalizing and no others, and I was rattled and concerned with how to get out of a bad situation to think about taking more. 

I walked away and she suspiciously followed. Afterward, I was able to get a few photos of her from a distance and looking a bit more relaxed. 

Aside from the Sar’s being beautiful dogs I’ve been curious to learn more about them ever since meeting up with Louise, blogger at Predator Friendly Ranching. Louise has been very generous about answering my questions and sharing information about these dogs, which she knows so well. 

And while I’m writing of guardian dogs and thinking of future prospects, blog reader and blogger herself, Farm Buddy, shared news of her Maremma's litter of puppies.  If you're in need of a puppy fix, pop over to The Dancing Donkey and check out The Great Eight and see future guardians in the making.


  1. You did great to keep your head and stay calm in that encounter with the Sarplaninac!
    Thanks for mentioning my pups, but I can't take credit for the blog, as that (and her donkey farm) belongs to my friend, Kris. My pups will soon be hanging out with my newborn lambs, as they need to prepare for their future homes, most with sheep and some with goats.

  2. The puppies are beautiful! How fun to watch them grow! Arlette, I agree you did the right thing with the Sarplaninac. Eye contact could have challenged her. Instead you stayed calm, but by not moving around you also showed her you were not afraid. Whew! There's a dog no predator would want to mess with.


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