Artistically Stepping Out

A couple months back I convinced myself to enter an art show at the local art gallery. The artwork in this show will be critiqued and judged so I am treading cautiously here.

Once I convinced myself to enter I had little trouble coming up with a grouping of five pieces and got to work bringing them into reality. Then they sat for a little bit. Then I picked them up again and started tweaking and finalizing. The art show is coming up mid week so now I’m spending the evening finishing picky details and framing.

Somehow this experience of placing art into a judged show feels like an act of self acceptance that making art is okay to do, and I have to say, it feels okay to be doing this. That may sound flawed to anyone who has been brought up immersed in art and creativity. But in my upbringing, and in this walk of a work harder agriculture life, art and being creative is seldom embraced as meaningful work and often it’s not even noticed at all. So I continually wrestle with a lot of caustic beliefs in order to push on and pursue my creative side and to step outside my comfort zone with it. 

So I am really appreciating that it feels okay to want the experience and to be open to whatever comes of it. And because I tend to create artwork about what I know - the sheep, the dogs, the land - this validates the artwork as a way to share a good life on the land which is what all agriculture should be about. 


  1. I see your artist work, be it photography, or fibre work as just another facet of you. I'm on the side lines cheering you on!

  2. Amen, said it all. That is what agriculture should be about. And what Carole said above is all true. You're already an artist. There's no turning back.

  3. In addition to your fiber art, you are quite poetic in your verse. Your words are melodic and flow as though in song. Such a pleasure to read as well as see your world through your artwork.

  4. Good for you! Your work will bring much pleasure to many and teach them about your important way of life.

  5. I have to step out and try to create "art", be that what it is, to help support our farm. So it's just as important as the other "work harder" jobs.


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