Shearing Day Away From Home

You can follow the lines of land and livestock all through the above photo. This is the stuff artistic techniques are based on. It also reminds me to go with the flow and not against, something that's tough to keep my mind on during this stretch of unusual cold weather. 

I enjoyed my time spent helping out at a shearing day over at Loch Lomond Livestock, the place I purchase my rams from. There was multiple dogs, multiple sheep and multiple people which made for a fast day in good company of all sorts. 
Ample time for lgd's to rest on a shearing day
Brooke sells some of her fleeces online to individual fibre fans and she and I had a good go of picking fleeces for this purpose. And just look at all these coloured sheep, (I have sheep envy). This is nearing the end of the day and is the last group of four groups of sheep that were shorn. 

I had a surprise meeting with my first Sarplaninac (crossbred) dog and while our meeting was less than comfortable I was sure curious about her. I’ll share that little story in another post as it deserves to be written out. 

Until then, we have an unusually cold, cold weekend in front of us so I’ve decided to make lemonade and felt my way through it. I also came home with two black fleeces :-)  

Have a lovely Easter weekend. 


  1. Happy Easter to you too!
    My Bess had puppies! If you want, you can see their pictures at

  2. Yes, Happy Easter to you and Alan. We have the awful cold also, and more snow. Lemonade does sound great. We can pretend it is a lovely spring day!


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