Matched to the Landscape

The lack of snow has allowed all the golden orange reeds of the wetlands to stand out and hence the ewes seem so well matched to the landscape this winter.  The ewes are favouring these wetland edges lately but I don’t know what it is they are seeking/finding there. Maybe they are grabbing some snow from where it is still untouched and clean. 

We sold a group of cull ewes and afterward did one more sort and rearrangement so that we are back to two groups of sheep once again. The rams and wethers are together and all the females comprise the main flock. That means we’re already sorted into our groups for shearing time, although come to think of it, I’d like to sort the purebred Corriedale ewes to be sure I can keep their fleeces separate this year.  

Meanwhile I head off to help at a shearing day on Thursday and I’m hopeful there might be a coloured Romney fleece or two that isn’t already already pre-sold. With the rate at which I’m felting, I’ll need more naturally coloured wool. 


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