Just Sheep

In the landscape right now, the ewes can be tough to spot. Can you see her?

She’s among a string of ewes following a trail of their making, coming from an area we fed at previously and returning to the current bedding area for the night. 

As I travelled out to feed guardian dogs I spotted their movement. We travel together for a short ways before our paths crossed. 

The ewes are looking quite good as far as one can tell from appearance. Some  individuals are just starting to look a little disheveled (wool is long now and beginning to get taggy). A sure sign that shearing time is approaching. 

Other than the routine of sheep and dogs and walking, I've been in a creative flurry this last little while. I think it has something to do with the impending arrival of spring - it's like I'm doing a last burst of creativity before kinder weather pulls me outdoors for longer and longer stretches of the day's time. 


  1. Not really surprising the sheep look good..the care and love that goes into them shows. 'You reap what you sow' (well maybe not always.)My creativity at this time of year is moving furniture..actually can happen any time..I create a new scene.(Things get a good cleaning also)As we have no snow at all the garden is calling,but know is to early,we will have snow before end of month..

    1. Moving furniture - Allen just shrugs at me and laughs when I do that. For me it's procrastination on other things.


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