Creative Bent

A few posts ago I mentioned being on a creative bent. I wasn’t kidding and I’ve been loving the time spent creating which has included both artwork and writing.

There have been a few late nights and early mornings as I just want to keep going. There is an interesting thing happening; when I really dive into making artwork, writing ideas begin to flow, so I'm often between the two, felting and then jotting in my journal or furiously typing on the laptop. The artwork is comfortable, the writing requires bravery and the unknown, I'm glad one can help the other along.  

Writing is tricky to show in photos but the felting isn't. The larger needle felted scene I started earlier this year is finished. Since this one is pre-sold but won’t be delivered for a little bit yet, I’ll hold off showing the finished version until it's received on the other end. This photo is about three quarters of the way through.

Meanwhile I decided to give wet felting a try. I'm curious about felted vessels and making felted canvases for myself. This is my first attempt at a felted vessel. 

It was wet felted and then I needle felted the sheep design. I popped out into the yard to find a few winter sprigs just to use for the photo. It had the same feeling as picking summer flowers and grasses from around the yard.

Attempt number two below; still without a clue about how much shrinkage is going to happen and how to get the final shape I'm really after. This wasn't it but I'll work with it. Also learned that it's best to just wet felt with the colors I'm after and worry about specific design later. The wool moves around and migrates through the layers so any design is altered that way (at least until I learn further). 

It looks tiny in the photo, it's roughly 5 by 7 inches and 2 inches wide. It's kinda cool in real. It's still all fuzzy and you can see in the dark shape how the lighter wool migrated through. I think I'll tidy this one and perhaps add a wee Kelpie or a Border Collie in there somewhere.

Choring around sheep, walking dogs, creating with wool and writing about it all - I feel completely immersed in this life at the moment.


  1. My goodness, but that is attractive; you are clever.

  2. I love the wet felt with the sheep. The winter sprigs really draw it out. I can feel your excitement all the way to my house!

  3. I agree 100% with Judi..I had the urge to try the 'wet felting' a few years ago,it looked as if would really be a fun thing to do..I never did try will make wonderful creations with it I am sure..I am very happy for you appreciate all you do is such a good thing,makes a difference you know...


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