Needle Felting in Progress

A few photos on the progress of the needle felted piece I am working on. It’s been a cold, cold week (and I am just getting over a wicked cold) so there is time to be indoors and working on it. Since this is a scene with some detail it had a different start than other pieces I have done recently. On some pieces the background is incorporated as part of the piece and then I don't have a line drawing to go by. On this piece I drew the outlines of the scene on paper and then used that paper drawing as a template to get the outlines on the fabric. 

I wasn’t interested in drawing every sheep that is in the background, I just needed to know where they traveled in order to keep the perspective. Oddly enough this is sounding a bit like sheep in real life - know where/how they travel and keep your perspective. 

From here I lay out the first attempt of wool and color to see if it suits and then keep going, - and going and going and …  

Sometimes the background is incorporated as part of the piece. Like on the recent Three Sisters piece.  In this case I'm felting all those little sheep in place before I lose where they belong. Once a first layer is in place across the whole piece I turn my attention to more of the detail in the foreground which will be needed to give a sense of distance to the scene. Once I have some detail in place I start on a second layer, basically repeating the entire process, building it up. 


  1. You have a great deal of patience; probably serves you well in dealing with all the ins and outs of raising sheep.


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