Dive In and Forget

Some days I just need to sit down and draw; dive into detail I know I can get with a color pencil in my hand and not worry about - well, just not worry period. That’s a magical thing. 

Picking up a pencil and doing the first drawing that came to mind tonight righted the day and my spirits. It was one of those days you stumble through while questioning where the heck you’re going in life and if you make any difference doing any of it. It seems everyone else is flying around on paths of greatness or at least great fun, and you're still doing what you do without much fanfare about it. I think many farmers and ranchers might relate, such is the solitude of our affairs. 

It’s a good thing feeding sheep and dogs is so habitual, otherwise I might have forgotten that today. And it’s a grand thing to have a sideline activity to dive into and forget every thing outside yourself for a moment. It shapes up my head game every time. 

There are no plans for this piece other than to finish it and enjoy it because it soothes me to do so. I chide myself for drawing yet another dog, but each piece is a piece of appreciation I feel for the canines that are such an asset to this life. I also have a felting project in the works; a commissioned piece for a fellow grass based sheep person. I’m into a tedious phase on that one though, trying to create a scene with lots of grass and lots of sheep. I’ll share progress on that one soon. 


  1. Sometimes you just need a little space to feel whole again. I write and often I see how wonderful other writers are, and I feel foolish. But it's what I do, and what I need to do, what i want to do. You have multi-talents. Love them all.

    1. It's good to hear that you also keep writing because it is what you want to do and can let the rest go. I am encouraged by that.


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