Caught With A Mouthful

For the most part the ewes are just eating their way through the remaining winter. I can relate - it's hay feed for them and snacking on Kit Kat bars for me. 

With only a modest amount of snow we've been able to move the feeding location so that we don't keep feeding in the same area on the winter pasture. The ewes are now on a spot we call the weed patch. Here they're once again finding stuff to nibble on under the snow. We've had a lengthy stretch of cold with wind almost everyday and I'm feeling extra thankful to have bush to feed around and always find a place out of the wind. 

The daily scene right now reminds me of a drawing a did a couple years back so I went through the archive photos to find it.  I still have the original artwork.

It surprises me a bit to see artwork I long forgot about. I’ve been working on art quite a bit lately since another way to stay out of the wind is to stay busy indoors between tending to all the animals, walking with kelpies included, because like feeding sheep, not much stops that from happening. 


  1. Wind and cold here every day too. I like to pop Hershey's kisses, though I have to admit that Kit Kats are great too. We have to keep up our strength this time of year! It's fun to see work from a few years ago, isn't it? I find some old writing that way sometimes too. Once in a while there is a gem hidden in there. Your old art work sums up whats happening with you now. I love the photo of the sheep. She makes me want more candy.

    1. She does make one want to eat! or at least get a drink of water. I like that you do that with writing too - I keep journals which is really where I practice writing the raw and the rough. Sometimes I go digging for gems.


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