Another one of life's small moments well enjoyed

I decided Jethro’s time with his band of ewes needed to end. So I sorted him from his group, placed him with the rams I didn’t use this year, and then needed to send his band of ewes to rejoin the flock. To get them to the flock meant passing through the paddock where the cull ewes and replacement lambs are stationed. Normally I would have moved those animals to a pen before bringing other animals through to prevent anyone from mixing. But it’s winter, there is snow and cold in the way, and I figured with a little feed to keep the first group preoccupied I could pass Jethro’s ewes through. I’m generally a low risk taker in life; this is my idea of taking a risk.  

I grabbed Coyote Mic to help me since she’s so quick to cover her stock I was pretty sure the ewes wouldn’t have time to think about where to go but would just have to go where told. Being that it was cold out, and not having worked stock for a spell, Mic was eager. It worked like a charm. Out the gate, down the trail, around the bend, and a left turn through the second gate, which I promptly shut to separate us from the others. After that, just a trek through the yard and out to pasture. I hopped on the Ranger, which I had left parked in the yard, while Mic moved the sheep on out. Taking the Ranger meant we didn’t have to walk back home. We made our way to the flock quickly and without incident, three guardian dogs arriving to join us and investigate the newcomers to the flock. 

I called to Mic to hop aboard for the brief ride back. She scootched herself close to me, sitting tall, looking proud and warming up her toes on the seat blanket. Another one of life’s small moments well enjoyed by each of us. 

With this task complete we have three groups of sheep to feed and water rather than four.  The cull ewes and some left over market lambs will need to move out next.


  1. I bet your heart swells when things go so beautifully.

  2. It is so wonderful you actually realize and luxuriate in these moments created often by the animals you so enjoy..Thank you for passing them on to like minds...(but to old to be able to capture in person)


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