This Prairie Land One

For the last week this prairie land has been steeped in fog and layered with hoarfrost. The lack of snow means a good deal of the grassland is visible and the subtle, foggy sky with hoarfrost on the grasses equals a gorgeous blend of grey, white and gold. 

All week long I towed my camera around with me when I walked with dogs, when I biked with dogs and when I did chores.

On my walks I began taking small side steps into the basins of the wetlands and discovered worlds I didn’t know existed. Each one rich with stunningly gorgeous prairie colors. I would get lost with taking photos until one or more urgent Kelpies indicated it was time to move on, time to run, and so run we would. 

Snow arrived last night and erased all those moments just discovered. I know this prairie land through daily scenes and the flock of sheep that grazes here, which in my mind should somehow give it permanence, but each of these daily scenes is only temporary and is just a mere spec of what exists here. Like yesterdays hoarfrost morning every scene will be gone tomorrow, overlaid with the next hues of weather and ever changing landscape.