Studio View Two

That piece of wool felting that was on the studio table most recently. This is it, right side up this time. 

I nicknamed it The Three Sisters while working on it. It is 16 x 24 inches, needle felted with wool from Clun Forest cross bred sheep, Merino, Romney, and an unknown source. This piece went through four-five re-starts. Original start was a single ewe lying in tall grass and then it became this as I laid the wool out but could not get the grass look I was after. 

Not laying enough fibre down on the first layer came back to haunt me near the end which has happened often. I have no practical reason to be cautious with the fibre, I’m pretty sure I won’t run out here, yet I play cautious every time. Gosh that’s odd. I’ll play with letting that habit go on the next piece. 

Today I rolled the piece up and stored it away for now. That sounds a bit callous but truthfully I need to be done looking at this one because my nature is to keep playing with the details and I think it really needs to stop here. When I pull it out again I’ll see it anew and probably love it again - the perfect time to sell it. 


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