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I have decided to take the leap and felt a couple of wool rugs for the upcoming house. I debated the idea given how much work this will be but I think I’ll regret not doing so more than I’ll regret the project when I’m part way through and wondering how I ever thought I could do it. The land, the sheep, the dogs - these are where the art ideas comes from and the creating of that art and writing of words is a huge piece of how I decipher this land and livestock life. Somehow all of that boils down to how befitting it will be to have felted wool rugs, grown by the sheep and made by the hands that live here, to place in the new house. 

I haven’t started felting the rug project yet but I have started washing the wool I'm going to need for it. Meanwhile I am working on other pieces and thought I’d let you in on where all this creative making of things takes place and begin to bridge the gap in sharing of artwork this past year. The rugs (and others) will take shape in my current work space which looks like this.

In the shop-house the only separate room is the mechanical room which is also where the bathroom is and the single, wee kitchen sink. The remaining space is all one big living area. I have this corner of it and I write (both pen on paper style and typing on the laptop) at the small desk against the wall. The felted artwork hanging above are works in progress/near completion. I hang them to have a look at while deciding if they're done or not. 

I needle felt and draw on a drafting table which can be adjusted and angled to alleviate bending over a flat surface. I love this table - it will move with me into the new house.

Yes, the piece of felting on it at the moment is upside down. I always turn my work up side down at some point in the progress of it because doing so changes the perspective which is a helpful thing to be reminded of now and then.  


  1. Oh yes at least start the rugs for new will be so glad you did way down the road when finished.. Yes I noticed the drafting table you have..what a super size it looks to be..Available where?? I don't think I have wished you all a Happy New Year..The year of the Dog..

    1. Ah, thank you for reminding me it is year of the Dog. I don't know where the table would be available at. This one was given to me years ago before I was even doing art. I imagine a good art supply store would carry them but look in drafting supplies, not at art easels.

  2. It was fun seeing where you work. And I agree that making the rugs is a great idea. It's what your life there is all about. And every time you look at them, you will be reminded of that.


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