Sheep and Dogs Three

We are having no end to water bowl trouble this winter, a sure sign that the two we have need to be replaced. That work cannot happen until the ground  thaws out completely, which is a little ways off yet. Until then we’ll have to manage as best we can which is a bit painful when the temperatures run deep into the minus twenties centigrade. 

The ewes still take to walk about’s around the pastures whenever the weather warms. It seems remarkable to me that they find any appeal to being out there and that they are finding something worth nibbling on. When they venture to the east pasture we have a view of them from the yard and I can step outside of the shop/house and take a photo. This photo is terribly deceiving though. 

By our eyesight that barn is just a wee black dot, and only if you know where to look will you see it, but the camera makes it appear as though it’s in the back of the pasture. I assure you it is not. This next photo is more like what we see when we look out. This photo was taken from the window of my future studio space in the new house. I won’t tire of this view anytime soon. 

Lily, one of our intact females, is in heat so she is (unhappily) confined for the time being. Since returning from the sheep industry symposium I am pondering, in particular, about breeding guardian dogs, and in general, about land, sheep and dogs and the connecting and blending of it all into a way of life that has relevance to one’s Self because there is one thing I take away from every industry meeting I attend; I am not interested in an agriculture that is solely about maximizing production. There are some long and heavy thoughts spinning round in my head so I am thankful to have the sheep, dogs and prairie land to remind me of what I am seeking.  

This is Oakley, watching the horizon for any sign of movement indicating investigation is needed. He doesn't stay there for long before nesting in the hay. The ewes are immediately to his right just out of the plane of the photo. The scene with the sheep in it presents a very different feeling than this solo-dog photo does but I didn't take any photos of it that way.

I’ll be off line for a few days. I am going to take an extended (and spontaneous) weekend trip to visit a good friend I have not seen for many, many months. A friend that needs no pre-explanation of who I am. Another avenue for grounding myself and discovering what it is I really stand for again.


  1. How wonderful to have a friend like have a grand time..I know you will..and the dogs will be so happy to see you when you are back home..(Always a nice thought..)


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