Enter January 2018

Each new years day I find myself noticing the ordinary occurrences of the day and wishing the year to be filled with more of the same or similar. I can’t recall waking up and intending to do this but rather I discover I’m doing it as I wind through the day. I quite like it. It is as though the ordinary moments have been highlighted, and it just feels okay to notice my world in this way. Maybe it’s a spin off of living a relatively quite life in a rural setting; I’m not sure. Maybe it does’t matter; if I end up in a city life one day I hope I can do the same noticing of ordinary moments on each new years day. 

Here are a few of today's (extra)ordinary moments I wish to have more of in the upcoming year. 

Rising early and sitting in a dark shop-house with one lamp lighting the desk where I write. Allen still asleep and the sounds of a snoring dog nearby. A cozy setting but tough and necessary slugging as I attempt to write a few hundred words that I hope will go into the making of a book one day. A continuation of this would be a great year indeed. 

After sitting at the kitchen table for some time, working on flock records, I stretched out on the couch to relieve a knot in my shoulder. BJ was already nestled in her favourite corner spot. Coyote Mic followed me to the couch and upon my ever so slight indication that she could hop up, nestled in along my side. Peace, warmth and a nap with a dog nets a deep acceptance that the manner in which I love these dogs is okay. 

The main ewe flock traveled from their hay feed over to the edge of the yard today, digging in the snow for who knows what is left of the lawn. We seldom get to watch sheep from our house such is the layout of the yard. I stood at the window, sipping hot tea and watching sheep in the sun and snow. They looked the picture of health, their fleeces tight and the bright sun shining on them. When we see the sheep every day we don’t always see them in this way. 

Bundled up to the n-th degree I hustle outside to catch up with Allen who has already fed the first five guardian dogs. We walk to the next paddock together and with just a few words between us take care the other two dogs and check the last group of animals before dark. Partners in creating this life, partners in living it.  

I powered through a needle felting piece that went through four restarts. Another wintery hour spent creating - creating with wool to boot. There is such a soft yet urgent synergy in creating with wool that I cannot explain and being able to create  as a means to share is something that is still quite extraordinary for me. 

May you also have many gifted moments in your day and throughout your year. Life is good, cheers to 2018. 


  1. I too treasure the ordinary even more than the extraordinary...because the ordinary IS extraordinary :-).


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