Time to Feed

We'll begin feeding hay to the ewes now. With the lack of snow cover the girls have been wandering far and wide recently but I think feed wise it’s just the pickings left now; unless they graze the native prairie. But they do not go there to eat and I feel compelled to pay attention to their choice even though I wish it different. 

Heading in for the night

I’m always uncertain about the best way to graze this land through winter or if it is okay to graze it at all? Yet in the same breath I feel no inclination to restrict the ewes as seeing them continue to move and seek food feels to instinctual. Besides following this feeling it’s going to be a while before we can catch up on fencing and restrict their grazing to a plan as we did in the past so I have to accept that this is what we can manage for now. 

This next picture is a morning photo taken when approaching the flock. The ewes are so settled at this time of the year, any other time they would be up and moving off at my approach.  

The day before this I had spread hay feed nearby to gauge how interested the ewes were in feed. They grazed for the day and came to nibble the hay in the evening. Then the ewes chose to bed here on the naked hill slope rather than their usual sheltered bedding ground. A sign that the night was calm. And see how they sleep apart from each other; this particular night was also not that cold, at least not for wool covered sheep.

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  1. Love the posts and beautiful photos! This lifelong city girl will never know the joys of country life, so I live through others.

  2. Love the light in both pictures. Lovely!


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