Prairie Pace

The kelpies and I headed out for a walk this afternoon, a little earlier than usual.  I stepped out for a few days this week to help a family member who is going through a rough deal so the dogs were eager to be off on a run and I was eager for the solace I almost always find when I walk across a piece of prairie land. 

A couple weeks ago I was wondering about the amount of snow and if it would soon be hindering the ewes ability to get enough feed during cold weather.  

This week warmer weather set the snow back and made it possible to physically walk across the pastures with relative ease again.  All to soon the snowfall will once again limit us to walking along the road which is a welcome and private walk but with a different feel than being amidst the expansive prairie.

Exploring the prairie in the company of canines worked its magic as it often does. I packed my camera and caught a few more photos to add to an impromptu collection I’ve nicknamed Prairie Signatures. Yet to see where it leads. 

While I was out Allen kindly did the evening check of the flock and guardians, which lead us into an unplanned, quite evening with little to do, which was about perfect for bringing this day to a close and life back into its routine prairie pace. 


  1. In MB, the snow is not nearly so deep, nor has it been seriously cold for more than a few days, as a usual winter either. Must confess that I do not mind because it makes riding our trails a little easier & (for older bones) more inviting to ride regularly. Mr Shoes & his brothers, however, have grumbled a bit about not having a snowmobile season... just wait Menfolk, winter is far from over.

  2. Greetings, I would like to follow ur blog other than by email. I don't have facebook. I'm just curious why you don't insert a "follow" button so more folks could follow you? Or am I missing something? I am new to this crazy thing called blogs. Thank you. Beautiful images and content.

    1. Welcome and thanks for the suggestion. The lack of is just an oversight when doing the last update and not knowing what might appeal and what might not. A subscription button has been added.

    2. Hi there and thanks for the welcome.


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