Maybe I should not have mentioned the water bowls in the last post. One of them froze up on Boxing Day. But lets not let that be the focus of this post. Life will always have its frozen water bowls but the general sentiment that life is good, and full of good things is one I’m allowing to prevail. That’s a nice sentiment to be cultivating as we head into a new year. 

We were working on the new house today. Putting 4 x 8 foot sheets of osb down in the loft area, this osb is the start of the floor in the loft. Building a house is a lot of grunt work but throughout the process there have been different pieces of it that make either one of us excited again and help us to soldier on. Seeing progress on the floor upstairs is one of those pieces for me. 

The loft area has an east facing shed dormer and this cozy space will be turned into a creative den for me. There is no staircase to the loft built yet so the way up is still by ladder but now there is a subfloor so I can sit and take in the tremendous view of the prairie land and let gratitude sink in.

As we worked on the floor I glanced down at this scene and was captivated by its warmth and somehow zen-full nature. I interrupted Allen to ask for his phone (I seldom have mine on me) and grabbed a photo. These are right up there among my favorite photo memories of this house build. 

Look how big his shadow is :-) 
Before now it hadn't occurred to either of us how well the Kelpies match the house. 


  1. I think any dog you owned would match the house and all that goes with are all really'one' .. I wish you all the very very best for 2018...I look forward to more wonderful pictures,and the words you pen,are always interesting reading.Thank you for making them 'public'...

    1. Very kind words, thank you and you're welcome. :-)


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