It's Our Turn For Now

With only a light snow covering it is still possible to ride my pedal bike along the only road that leads out of our yard. I did so yesterday after morning chores, taking the kelpies along of course and riding for a mile and half before parking the bike in the ditch and moving into the pasture on foot for further walking. 

Lately I find myself stopping during a walk to just stand in awe and gratitude of the prairie all around me. To travel a mile and still be home is in itself incredible. There are no sheep out this way so we will not encounter any while we walk about. If we did it would come as a huge surprise. The ground is uneven with frozen mole hills and icy packs of snow caught in the taller grasses. 

The pasture we arrived at is not fenced for grazing and this year it was left to sit idle given that the hay it produced was looking weak this summer. This piece of land has been cut to often for hay and needs to be grazed and fertilized by livestock for a turn. Meanwhile the grazing land we do use needs a reprieve from grazing. 

I realize that Allen and myself will never keep up to it all and sometimes I get caught in thinking that someone else would do better in being stewards of this land. Well maybe that’s so, but it is our turn here for now and we’ve worked diligently to get to where we are so we’ll go on trying. And I’ll continue to pause and feel gratitude for what it is and how it has shaped us thus far. 


  1. Knowing your commitment to your land, I am sure you are doing a great job.

  2. Your words are always moving, as is your devotion to the land. It gives us all hope that someone is caring about the earth. The pictures of the Kelpies are beautiful.


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