Duly Sorted

We had a full weekend of sheep work, checking each ewe for bad udders, foot trouble or anything else amiss, recording their tag numbers and then sorting them into a breeding group or the cull group. BJ and Coyote Mic did the bulk of the work moving groups of sheep.  

This year I put Jethro, the Corriedale ram, on his own with my five Corriedale ewes plus a group of crossbred ewes I thought would be a good match for him. It will be the last year I use Jethro unless I bring in new Corriedale ewes.  

I bought two more Clun Forest rams earlier this winter and put all seven Clun rams with the remaining breeding ewes. All the purebred Clun rams come from Loch Lomond Livestock Ltd.  I appreciate that these rams are raised on grass and not pushed for fast weight gain with grain. And we are very pleased with the previous rams purchased from there.  Brooke, one of the owner/operators also writes a blog on their operation. 

I decided not to breed replacement ewe lambs this year so they were sorted out and set with the cull ewes for now. We will likely sell those cull ewes in the new year.

After all the sorting we landed with four groups of sheep where previously we had  two groups. The guardian dogs have not yet sorted out where to be. Even some of the ewes seem perplexed at the new arrangements. The two groups held seperate from the pasture flock are sure they should be let out to rejoin the ewes there.  

With all the sorting done we resume our usual routine here of feeding sheep and dogs and can think of putting our feet up for a spell to take in Christmas. 


  1. Big job....and so great you have grass fed instead of grain. Now enjoy Christmas! And here's hope that you and Alan have one of your best New Years.

    1. Thanks Judi and Merry Christmas to you and your family and a great 2018.

  2. I so enjoy your blog! You write well, take super photos and it's a shame you can't make a living out of it. LOL


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