Count on Sheep To Lighten The Mood

Been watching sheep again and because the weather is warm enough for using a camera....I manage a few photos. 

It's morning and just about every sheep in the flock has risen and come to investigate the hay feed newly rolled out for them. These three laggers though are having words with each other. They jostle a bit, swinging their heads and knocking each other around. Mostly they have some sort of eye to eye competition - until one ewe tries a different tactic.

The last photo comes as a surprise and I think you'll get a laugh out of it like I did. It's much better with the sequence of photos going into it which is how I saw it the first time as the photos imported onto the computer. It was a surprise photo and I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Gotta love these woolies. Enjoy. 


  1. Look at those ears!! like most other animals they sure indicate a lot with them... Oh dear' I am duly chastised' the last lady is saying! well if you stick your tongue out like that ..what else..

  2. Oh my gosh, I did laugh! That was a perfect catch!! You could make them smaller and sell then as a set...


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