Speaking of Land and Sheep

I am at the Cdn forage and grassland conference.  I am typing on my phone and it's an old phone.  Tomorrow I give a farm tour presentation. Twenty minutes to share photos and talk of land and sheep and of course I squeezed dogs in there to.  Some of the photographs could probably stand on their own but I added a few words. A few snippets  are included below but beware this does not flow well without hearing the full presentation. 

I am nervously excited.  I am glad I have good photos. 
We have a strong focus and a deep respect for animals and land, beginning to understand how instrinsically linked animals and land are. Forage has become king here and there is an unpretentious beauty about the place.  It matters that there are these and other intangibles we cannot get our hands on. 

The Ag industry has never before been in such a rush to grow a crop or raise an animal. We have never before been so reliant on numbers to guide us, so much so that we forego our own observation of habitat and animal.

If we wish to improve our environmental practices in agriculture what about making this a two way street again; putting coexistence at the forefront of every choice we make lest we get too far down this path of taking the animal out of nature and human out of humanity. ... 


  1. Best wishes for today; you'll do great.

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  3. All is well I am sure.. enjoy....

  4. WOW.... eloquence and truth spoken succinctly. You had e spoken volumes of truth in fact that only experience and wisdom can testify to. Thank you for speaking for all of us who know what you've said to be truth.


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