House Options

I moved the dog houses out for the livestock guardian dogs.  It felt a bit early but turned out it wasn’t early at all.  With the recent dump of snow, plus cold winds, the dogs are already making use of them.  

I always feel a desire to make things comfortable for the dogs even though they will make their own choices about where to shelter and sleep.  This way they have options and my knot of worry will ease. 

And our house … it is coming along well enough.  There are couple of roof panel pieces to put in right at the peak and then it’s completely closed in.  We’ll wrap it in house wrap and that’s where the exterior will remain until spring.  Meanwhile we’ll turn our attention to the interior.  The in floor heat was turned on tonight to test out the system.  I’m thinking ahead to felted wool rugs, a little bit of artwork and favourite photographs to be made into prints (and maybe to be made into a book too). 


  1. Your house is really coming along fast! We have not had any snow yet, but it is supposed to be near 10 degrees F on Friday night.

  2. You really have done this house It's wonderful. And we do always worry about our dogs, even when they know what they are doing. A book by you?
    Hurry up, I am waiting!

    1. Judi, you and Judith are my two J's. My biggest encouragement to get going on the book already. I have a whole heaping of bits and pieces and my biggest struggle right now is turing those bits and pieces into something cohesive.

  3. Your house is really looking good; how exciting. I didn't realize that you took dog houses out to the LGDs. 'Tis a comfort to know that they have choices.

  4. Allen and I chuckled at the comments of the house going up fast. Being immersed in it each day keeps it from feeling that way I suppose.


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