Back Down to Earth

Back at home and the first line of business is collecting the Kelpies and going for a walk.  I have to wonder how much the affairs of agriculture might shift if farmers and ranchers just walked on the their land on a frequent and regular basis.  

The conference presentation and subsequent feedback has been an experience and a half. My presentation was pretty rock solid and delivered well enough.  I wish you readers could have heard it as presented because I think you would have liked it. I stretched myself with giving voice to some challenging thoughts about agriculture that I wrestle with and was shocked by the deep reaction and feedback afterward. I still have no name or description for what got stirred up but something did. 

In the evening following the presentation I had the wonderful opportunity to dine and converse with some very deep thinkers and movers in agriculture.  There was no small talk here, it was deep, it was probing, it hurt my head, it was fascinating, it went on for a few hours. Interestingly I got warned about naysayers and sure enough those comments showed up today.  Gosh I wish I knew where to go with this, but I just don’t.  What I know is sheep and land, and how much the bigger picture of land with animal, with nature, matters for me.  

Naysayers aside, because that’s precisely where they need to go, I am floating in a stupor of gratitude over the experience, which has given another notch of confirmation that I’m living true in this ranch life.  I’m a bit lost in my thoughts and feelings but coming down to earth with each visit to the flock.  I'll stay in touch :-) and consider a way to share the presentation online.  


  1. Looking forward to reading your thoughts....

  2. Oh to be young again and feel as you have such passion in what you are doing,all will be sorted in time if you keep with it.


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