The Nature of LGD's Makes It So

A well liked photo on Facebook yesterday, perhaps because of the common expressions from each of the dogs which gives a certain solemn mood.

The dogs were not set up for the photo, in case you’re wondering.  I just finished with feeding them and was taking a look around seeing where the flock was at and deciding whether to stay and take photos or head in.  I looked this way and there’s these three sitting on the hillside, all contemporary looking.  I got a series of photos of them, each one with it’s own mood and story.  

That they remained there while I took photos was a big bonus.  At one point Tex shifts around and Lily gets up and I'm thinking the moment is over.  But Lily just moves over and sits again.  To fun and at the same time a bit bizarre that three dogs sitting strikes me as something to be photographed.  It's the nature of LGD's that makes it so. 


  1. Great shots. The one of the right is Miss/Mr Independence of Thought.

  2. How contented the dogs are ,meaning also of course they are make them that way..they are so blessed to have you care for them.I thank you for the thought you put into their care.


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