Life Revolves Around Home And Land

Our life revolves around the house build as we push to get it closed in before winter. Every thing else in life feels somewhat distant right now, and it’s easy for both Allen and myself to lose track of what day it is. 

Knowing there is a full day of house build ahead I don’t take as much leisure time as usual when I visit the flock in the morning and the evening visits are being squeezed in just before dark, with just enough light to tuck the ewes up. 

I’m back from my quick road trip, and a good deal of progress was made on the house while I was away even though rain caused a day of delay. Today we finished cutting and laying sip panels on the east side roof.  I tell you, I know more about the ins and outs of building a timber and sip home then I ever planned on knowing. Home building isn’t my gig and is not something I plan on taking up but this is our home and there is certain feeling of awesome to have such an in depth part of building it.  

Me up on the roof this afternoon.  I'm doing some prep work before the last roof panel is lifted and layed in place.  Every component of a home build takes more time that you think so we know we have a little ways to go in that regard but still we are oh so close to getting this baby closed in. 

About ten days ago I think.  The timber framers were back to finish off the porch timbers.  Kelpies on supervision duties. The porch is up and the porch ceiling boards were put in place while I was away. 

As more and more of the exterior is filled in the feel of the interior becomes more apparent and causes one to think about plans for the inside - (no I have no plans figured out yet).  I'm leaning to woolen goods of course, from rugs and whatever else I can felt, to artwork and mounted photographs.  I have a whole winter to think it through.   


  1. Timber and SIP was new to me, so I "Binged" it. Those timbers on the interior of your home are gorgeous; I hope they will still be visible in the finished house.

  2. It is so beautiful, Arlette. I helped my husband build our garage, but that's nothing compared to what you are doing. But you are going to love it. You must think of all the things you will do, once you are inside as you work on the outside!


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