Let Us All Be Dog Wise

Dear readers, exciting things are happening. The first of which arrived this week - hand delivered to myself by Judith, the author.  A lovely gesture given it’s over an hour for her to get here and another back home again. 

Dog Wise, What We Learn From Dogs is a compilation of stories, well told through interviews with local, ordinary dog people who live and work with dogs. Each chapter touches on a different facet of dogdom - show dogs, detection dogs, therapy, police, herding, guardian, sled dogs… and what life lessons the individuals glean from their way of life with dogs. I’m pleased to have played a role in the books making by way of being a part of a couple chapters and utterly fascinated to have been asked to contribute a handful of pictures to the photographic edition. 

I view this as a proud start for myself, and a good start to future projects. Knowing Judith has been working on this book project for a long time and seeing her complete it re-ignites the candle flame of a wish to see a book of my own making take shape in the foreseeable future. 

The print edition of Dog Wise is available on Amazon now and the photographic edition will be available soon.  The photographic edition is soft cover and printed on regular, not glossy, paper - just so you know what to expect should you wish to purchase.  Either one or both editions of the book will make lovely Christmas gifts for any dog person in your life. 

Here's a snippet of what is in the guardian dog and herding dog chapters.

“Between the tearing of my eyes and the acres of rolling pasture I can hardly see the sheep, let alone the dogs. Then in the distance a huge, coyote-coloured dog appears.  A bear-shaped dog emerges from the terrain. One by one the guardian dogs materialize from the flock.”
“Arlette thought the guardian dogs had taught here more about the nature of dogs than any other breed. A lot of what she learned came from simply observing the dogs carry out their genetic purpose.  “It’s a rare thing to watch a dog live and act out its purpose,” she said. 
"Meanwhile, Rex and Jared were in silent communication.  Jared occasionally tossed out a word or a low volume whistle. "There," "walk up," and "enough." ... .. I quickly worked out two basic sheep laws: 'don't be last' and don't be first.' Breaking either rule resulted in instant sheep chaos -- which is where Rex came in."  
“In the dog’s world Arlette believes, the concept of right or wrong never occurs to the dog.  The dog hears the command, and knows what it means, but there’s something else out there that needs to be attended to.  In the dog’s mind, that’s not wrong.  “That’s a hard lesson to learn for people who think obedience is important,” she admitted. 

I’m going to attend the book launch at the end of October.  Although I am a voracious reader I have never been to a book launch before.  Exciting times.


  1. I shall check Amazon for the picture edition. Congrats!

  2. I have talked to Judith, and I am thrilled to see the book is finally finished and out there. How exciting! I definitely want the one with pictures! I am also anxious to see your writing. I keep telling you, you have a book inside you. You just need to let it out. Congrats to you and Judith and the dogs! Well done!

  3. So exciting and wonderful! Congratulations Arlette!

  4. Can't wait to read the new book!


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