Fall Flock Photos

Just as I’m writing of how dry it is, Mother N decided to unleash a whole seasons worth of rain in one day.  The ewes have been rain washed and damn near spun out to dry in the wind that brought the rain.  They are unperturbed by it all though and grazing as usual.  The guardian dogs, however, looked a little mopey about the days events.  I think Oakley expected me to bring him home this evening. 

It was too ugly to take photos so you get shots from the day before. I love the colors at this time of year; not just on the trees but across the grassy landscape.  The grasses are turning a different hue as well and the wetlands look just lovely as the tall cattails begin to turn orange and give way to light coloured foxtail which meets the still green tinted grasses. 

A lingering fog, erases edges and contrast and creates a softness to the crisp morning, even in the foxtail which is anything but soft. I always wonder why the ewes bother to travel across it.  

Foxtail is one plant I cannot find a way to appreciate. There are huge spreads of it in each place where the water around the wetlands receded. On this day it matches the soft, foggy, fall scene and the Anatolian Shepherd who is also passing through.

The feeling of amazed abundance that was present when I took these photos still lingers in them.


  1. Hate that foxtail grass. It can work its way into dogs paws, and even into their bodies. My place is small enough that it is practical to burn it each Spring, at least the foxtail that is near the house.

  2. Ditto on the fox tail. Aside from that the photos are beautiful. Your weather patterns have matched ours here in MO this summer.


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