All From Watching Sheep Rise

The weather is cooling, we have had our first snow.  Winter is on my mind; on an internal level winter always represents an inward turn for me and I am ready for that, on the outside I must move the ewes to a new pasture soon.  Making room in life to live for ones Self, and the routine of things to be done, I’m often back and forth between the two worlds.  

During the long daylight days of summer the ewes are up and gone grazing by the time I arrive on pasture in the morning (and I do arrive early).  At this time of the year the ewes are still bedded down when I arrive so while I wait for guardian dogs to eat I watch sheep rise.  I witness ewes in morning greetings. 

In doing so I recognize a melding of both worlds.  I feel the immensely satisfying spot in my soul as the routine of this life turns into a life built upon, and for, my Self and who I know that to be.  And it doesn’t matter which one came first.  

I think now that this is how it happens; how you get closer to living Your life.  It doesn’t happen in grand hurrahs and winnings, but rather in gestures, hunches and small moments of watching the world around you and finding something there to bring your soul home. 


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