Water Dogs

Through the summer the kelpies and the guardian dogs take to the water readily to cool off but sure can’t beat Hondo the Labrador Retriever for desire and swimming ability.  

With the cooler weather of the fall season our dogs have less attraction to the water so it will likely be next year before I find myself lulling around a wetland again, watching dogs and catching grasses through the camera lens.  Our wetlands changed quickly this year with the dry conditions and it's only the larger wetlands that hold any water now.  The pasture grasses are still holding on and providing feed for the ewes but we can definitely note the difference. The upcoming ranch year will be a year of adjustment.


  1. Do your guardian dogs ever go over their heads and really swim? I notice Bess likes to wade around in my pond and at swimming holes at a nearby creek, but she is not interested in actually swimming, even when I am swimming, which always lures the border collies in.
    Great pictures, as usual!

  2. Wren is a swimmer, no other guardian dog is though. The others will wade in and cool off but like your Bess, that's about it.


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