Pulled Off Course

I was pulled away from home for a few days this week to attend industry meetings.  I came home in the wee hours of the morning this morning.  After a couple gruelling days of tension filled meetings with difficult road blocks to overcome I feel drained.  

The morning check of the flock was a blur but by evening I was feeling more secure in the knowledge that I’m back where I belong and it’s all good.  

If I gained anything through this process it is reaffirmation that my purpose is here and if I’m looking for something deeper and more challenging perhaps that can be found within avenues and offshoots from this place, such as, writing, photography and artwork, and not in meeting rooms with tyrants.

I will say I held myself in good, calm stead throughout the chaos and likely balanced some of the tension - no doubt on account of the fact that I live, breathe and reflect on scenes like the one below on a regular basis.

A connection to the land is good for the soul and sometimes it's good to more souls than your own. 


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