Life seldom feels rushed or busy given that I take plenty of opportunity to sit on the prairie and unwind, and really, a pasture based flock is quite minimal to look after.  This past week, however, was a new level of busy, which thankfully, is not our normal pace of living. 

Sorting, tagging and loading lambs, house building frenzy, company, conference calls, female dogs in heat, hunting ducks - it all happened over the last four days and continues. I have barely given thought to the computer, let alone had time to sit down to upload photographs and type something coherent. 

Market lambs of appropriate weight were loaded out last week. The numerous other things going on at least kept my mind off the uncomfortable sadness that accompanies the selling of livestock which I have a very hard time with. 

With the concrete work and the timber frame up, the remaining work on the house build is now up to Allen and I.  We’re putting up wall panels and framing in windows and doors (we’re using SIP panels if you want to look it up).

The company connects with the hunting ducks.  Bill and Janice are visiting with a few kelpies and Hondo the Labrador Retriever.  We have greeted a few sunrises while sitting in the high grass of a wetland awaiting the waterfowl.  

Throw in conference calls, the extra juggling of dogs when females come into heat, plus people out to work stock dogs to tidy up any free bits of time and there you have it - a week gone by in a snap. It’s probably a good thing one never anticipates what busy weeks will really amount to. 

With doing this post I realized the one occurrence I don't have updated photos of is the house build.  I'll rectify that. 


  1. Those shots of Hondo are truly spectacular; once in a lifetime.

  2. Thank you. Some were a real challenge to get in the lower light conditions of early morning.


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