A Surprise Letter

A completely unexpected letter arrived in the mail today.  

It came from the Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers, the company we send our wool to for marketing (minus what I keep for felting :-) 

We are recipients of the Certificate of Merit Award for excellence in commercial wool production in Canada. This is for the 2016 wool harvest as the 2017 Canadian wool clip is still being graded.  I think sixteen merit awards are handed out each year.  

I am grinning.  This simple act of recognition is a big compliment to this flock and to the helpers who pitch in each year on shearing day so that we may skirt and properly prepare the wool for shipping. I extend this award to each of them. 

We are going through the preparations for selling lambs and deciding on next years flock and changes needed.  That means we’re looking at things we don’t like in our flock and management of the land and sheep.  Receiving this gesture of recognition shifts that focus to all that is good.  It is very timely.  I am proud of this award. 


  1. Congratulations! Tried to comment earlier, but I notice commenting on any blog is getting to be a real challenge!

  2. Hey! that is grand..I am sure you all deserve the award..And warm thoughts to sheep and dogs, for without them, no award...

  3. Wow! So good to be recognised for the care you take to plan you flock's future development. Well done!


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