The Interruption

You will have noticed the lapse in regular blog posts.  That is due to our house build.  The general process has been a whole lot of hurry up and wait and yet somehow things are coming together.  We are getting into a very busy phase now and are close to the timber raising (post and beam, timber frame house).  Almost everything else (fencing, hauling hay, fixing - always things to fix on a ranch, and computer time) is put to the side for the time being. 

Even the flock is on the back burner right now and yet it is the flock that grounds us in regular routine.  We get out to do the morning and again for the evening check but hardly give them thought in between.  It’s a good thing they’re grazing and are pretty self sufficient right now.  It will be time for another pasture move in a day or two but that is a pretty simple affair with kelpies to help as needed. 

The one thing I don’t put to the side is my daily walk on the prairie with my dogs.  That walk is essential to a good day :-) And when there is a lull I spend a few extra minutes on the pasture, sometimes with the camera but sometimes not. 

The old timer, 14 years and 11 months


  1. Your "Old Timer" is still a very alert guy. How about a photo of the new house?

  2. Love your pictures, Arlette. I have a folder I keep them in. Those daily walks are essential. I get very crabby if I can't take mine!


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