Kelpies Willing and Waiting

If there is any indication that there might be a chance of me heading out on the Ranger and taking dogs along, there’ll be a Kelpie, or two or three, waiting on the bus.  These two have already deciphered that they’re coming with me this time.  I do appreciate that they are so willing, it gives me motivation to be the same. 


  1. Even if you had not been planning on taking them in the first place; how could you resist those eyes?

  2. Beautiful picture....such beautiful dogs. I keep saying that you could sell your pictures. The gal I visited in Nova Scotia who has sheep, sells her pictures along with her wool goods. You have great art, so you could do the same. If you could bear to part with it! Love those Kelpies!

    1. Thank you Judi, I so appreciate the encouragement and the belief in my work. I am getting closer to setting myself up for selling. :-) The thought does give me great excitement.


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