A Peak at Our House Build

 Timber bents being assembled on the slab foundation in preparation for raising later this week.  

A single progress photo negates the incredible amount of work that has taken place thus far - earth moving, pouring footings and frost walls, hauling and packing earth and gravel base, laying tubing and rebar, the concrete slab, the grinding/polishing, the staining … 

Our approach to this house is similar to our approach to this place.  Natural and organic; a home that lets the outside in and hopefully portrays our willingness to co-exist with our surroundings rather than overtake them.  Nothing grandiose but instead aiming for beauty through simplicity. 


  1. I did not know what a "bent" was so I looked it up. Are you going to have a concrete floor? They can be quite beautiful and very practical for a doggy household. Most of my house is tile floors, and I've been very thankful for that fact, many a time.

  2. I helped my neighbor build his huge shop/garage, and I felt the hardest part was the concrete work. We first had to use pick axes to get ready to erect the forms for the footings, and then all that concrete work followed. I remember the apprehension when the cement truck came, and then wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow, following by frantic smoothing out, etc. I have always wanted to put up a post and beam building. I know you are going to have a beautiful home that will reflect your values.


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