Last Minute Trip

Sorry to have dropped off from the blog.  I headed to the southwest corner of SK to visit with a friend  who was doing a clinic.  From there I decided to keep going south and do another trip into Montana.  I'm writing this from the porch of a ranch guest house after an incredible morning hiking in the hills with a resident kelpie dog, Tanner.  If I do nothing else in life but explore grassland hills with a dog or two it will have been a good life.  I am at home with these two beings.

There is a curious gopher nearby, whistling away at my presence in his space. Hayfields in the foreground with timber covered hills beyond - the hills explored this morning.  The only computer I have is my iPad as I don't wish to spend much time on the computer while I'm here.  Sharing photos from the camera will have to wait and future posts may be sporadic. We will catch up soon, until then I will be exploring and visiting where ever it strikes my fancy to go.


  1. Tanner, as in Tanner that beautiful honey-colored pup? Keep having fun!

  2. Enjoy yourself. We miss your photos.

  3. Waling with a dog through nature's wide open spaces is priceless. Don't even think about anything else.


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