Kelpie String

When I walked past this dog for the first time, I did a double take because she looked so much like my dog Cajun.  For a split second my mind had to sort out the dog and the place.  That was back in March on my first 2017 trip to Montana.  Since then I’ve snooped into her history and sure enough there is a very probable connection.  

Her son, the red and tan dog below, bears the same self-important, slightly conceited look that both his mother and Cajun wear. His attitude seems to match it to a tee.

Kelpie Ike is a retired from work and hangs out at the ranch house throughout the day and Jill is the up and comer at 11 months of age. Jill and my dog BlackJack share some same dogs in their pedigree as well.

Ike waiting for company to join him on the porch


Over at the Burradoo ranch things were a little more chaotic with three new youngsters to catch up with.  All these characters are under a year of age and it took some doing to catch any still photos of them. 

This fellow came over from Australia 

Given how smoking hot it was we didn't put any dogs on livestock and I wasn't hanging around long enough to wait for cooler days. I thoroughly appreciate the connections to others who use their dogs for work and enjoy keeping tabs on these working dogs and hearing/seeing what skill sets they have. Dogs that are above average and beyond are getting tougher to find.  While there is zero plans to add more dogs to our pack anytime soon one can still do some legwork (i.e. dream) for the day when we’ll need to.  


  1. One look from Jill should give any intruder pause.


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