White Dog Water Play

To date we haven’t had a guardian dog that likes the water as much as Wren does. While other dogs will wade in and get their feet wet, Wren enjoys getting wet and catching the water as it ripples past her.  

Birdie will follow Wren but prefers being closer to shore. Tex hardly ever gets in the water.  These photos really couldn’t be separated because they tell such a playful story, so you get all of them in one blog post.  This is Wren, Birdie and Tex during a hot morning.  

We place a great deal of altruistic notions onto guardian dogs and to some degree rightly so.  Yet these moments say a lot about the nature of guardian dogs.  How they're dogs, first and foremost; dogs living a very free, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes dangerous life, but also a very joyful and purpose-full one, which is a gorgeous example of living and something we can all hope for. 

Wren and Birdie
Wren being oh so tolerant of Birdie towing with her tail
Backlash from Wren
Wren and Birdie again

Tex comes onto the scene

Tex and Wren

Racing off, Tex (on shore) and Wren


  1. I love seeing the white dogs play, romp, and swim! Thank you!

  2. Is this a river on your property? As a Desert Rat, I am amazed at so much water!


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