Kelpie Time

With lambing slowing down, I'm beginning to squeeze in some training time with the Kelpies again.  They're more than ready for it.  Today I worked three of them together - BJ, BlackJack and Gibson.  No fancy stuff, just letting them get around sheep and then getting a lie down on all three dogs with a whistle cue.  It was a fun adventure and given that it was hot and muggy out we didn't work too long. 

I'd like to work my way up to working all five kelpies at once.  Provided I can stop them it should all be good.  :-)  It's a difficult thing to do at the onset because each individual dog is paying attention to the other dogs and none want to stop if the others are still in motion.  We were not so smooth today and I think I worried the dogs a bit as they tried to sort it out but we're all game to try again.

p.s  I posted a video of lambs racing around onto Facebook.  It will make you smile, do check it out if you're into Facebook.  I tried loading it here on blogger but it wasn't happening.  You'll find the video on my page, link is in the sidebar.


  1. I can't cope with training two German Shepherds at one time. The thought of FIVE Kelpies at one time is overpowering. The guy in the last photo has "The Look" down pat!

  2. The dogs have a lot of instinct which helps out. I only need to direct it and be able to stop it when needed.


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