Pasture Lambing Chaos

After a thoroughly busy two weeks or so, the arrival of new lambs has slowed and today presented only a handful of new babes.  It took more time to travel the pasture looking for new lambs today than it did to catch and process them. 

With an abundance of lambs on the ground we have entered the phase of pasture lambing chaos.  Ewes with older lambs deposit them in one place and leave to graze.  When I drive around the pasture it appears that there are numerous lambs without ewes and how they ever find each other again amongst the throng is amazing.  Come evening small packs of older lambs are racing along trails and hills.  Ewes and lambs are bleating from every direction and munis the odd ewe who has lost her lambs, most of them keep order among this chaos. There are yearling ewes with the flock and often times they get caught up in the energy of the lambs and join in the play.  

The tides shift at this point in lambing as well.  The early half is all about the work and just keeping up each day but now there is opportunity to stop for a spell and watch the chaos of an evening play itself out.  

The other creatures to get caught up in the action are the young guardian dogs.  Being out on pasture for long lengths of time is a good thing as I can keep my eye on Wren and Birdie.  It is Wren I am most suspicious of and I’ll share the why of that plus catch you up with the dogs in the next post. 


  1. I never realized that the lambs didn't stay up with their moms all day. Hmmm. Makes sense for them to be resting, but that would divide the LGDs work places, spreading them a bit thin. Looking forward to next post. Wren, what have you been up to?


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