We Are About to Burst Into Spring

The tinge of green is emerging and will soon set the season off in all its glory as only the green of new growth can. Every day on our walks at least one of the kelpies stop for a roll in the dry grasses. These are not the rolIs in indescribable yuck (they do those too) but just rolls for the joy of rolling. I always wonder what draws them into it.

For us, this time means lambing is near. Funny thing about that this year, I’ve hardly given it a thought. I have what is needed for the start of lambing and am comfortable with that. I think I’ve crossed a threshold of years with birthing sheep to begin to get comfortable with the knowledge that lambing time is full of uncertainty. Or maybe it’s just the way the year is playing out. Either way beautiful things will happen and ugly things will happen and I will handle both.

A couple ewes have aborted already which is not uncommon given the number of sheep and thus higher chances of that happening. This weekend Allen and I will be vaccinating the ewes. We’re a titch late for any ewes who lamb early but vaccinations are important enough to get done regardless. Vaccinations are the one treatment protocol we do for the whole flock.